Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Globally Networked media and Postcolonial Theory

Here are the details of the second of Mark Poster's two public lectures. Again, this is very topical for Self.Net and I recommend you head along if you have time.

LECTURE: Globally Networked media and Postcolonial Theory (Public lecture)

Thu, 09 Sep 2004 19:00 - Alexander Lecture Theatre, Arts Building, UWA

Professor Mark Poster, University of California, Irvine and IAS Professor-at-Large, UWA

As the Keynote address for Network Media: Code, Culture and Convention, a cross-disciplinary symposium at the University of Western Australia September 9 – 11, 2004

Date and Time: Thursday 9 September at 7.00pm

Venue: Alexander Lecture Theatre, Arts Building, UWA (Enter off Hackett Drive though Hackett Entrance 1 Parking available in Car Park P3 near Reid Library, Law Building and Arts Building)

Abstract: The impact of converging information media needs to be studied in relation to social and cultural practices, particularly as these media cross cultural and political boundaries. The question of postcoloniality is at stake as media and their associated contents reach across the planet. We might then ask: Is the epoch of postcolonial or transnational studies over? Is the present era still one best characterized in terms of resistance to Western hegemony by states that formerly were administered by the imperial branches of European and American governments? Or are we now in a post-postcolonial epoch? Put differently, I offer the hypothesis that as globalizing, networked media continue to disseminate and to multiply, postcoloniality appears more and more as a moment in a declining phase, continuing and shifting to be sure, of the larger phenomenon of globalization. For the purposes of
this talk, I will explore the hypothesis that the postcoloniality is now folding into globalizing movements and trends, especially through the dissemination of planetary networked media.


For more information please contact The Institute of Advanced Studies,
UWA on Tel (08) 6488 1340; Email ias@admin.uwa.edu.au; www.ias.uwa.edu.au


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