Monday, September 06, 2004

Your Webliography Responses

Now that almost everyone has posted their Critical Annotated Webliographies to the Tutorial Blogs, I thought it was worth reminding you all that you are asked (in the next week) to post responses to two other people's Webliographies. Please note:
  • Your responses are intended to be critical but also constructive and polite. Your response should examine how successful you think their Webliography was, what points you thought were well made, and constructively criticise any areas which you thought seemed lacking.
  • You can comment on anyone else's Webliography in your tutorial group, but please collectively do not have any more than three responses to any one Webliography (the original author of the Webliography is welcome to comment on your comments if they wish and this does not count as part of the three).
  • If you want to see an example of two very well written comments, check out Saywood's comments on Laura's Webliography and on Liam's Webliography.
Finally, when your two Responses are evaulated by Karen or myself, they are worth 5% of your overall mark for this unit, so I strongly urge you to write them carefully!

Remember, the point is for you to engage with each other, learn from each other and also to get used to constructively commenting on each other's work. Hopefully this should sharpen both your research focus and your knowledge of how your peers are writing.


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